Axiom Oracle Pure Education Podcast Episode 0005 by Axiom

March 17th, 2015

Axiom Oracle Pure Education Episode 0005

By Axiom

March 2015

Introduction – Age of Pisces the Age of Aquarius


Personal responsibility rather than personal/collective manifested in Age of Pisces where it was dominated by a number of orthodox theologies administered by patriarchal authoritarianism. Where sexes have been treated as unequal in nature leading to the suppression of the feminine. This dualism had led to a great division in most minds, between the material and the spiritual. It has also given rise to an erroneous and quit-ridden concept of based on the assumption that human duality and divinity are separate, in nature, as well as manifestation.

The degree of pain and social oppression which has been arisen from this has been incredible in its scope. Male/Female are two equal polarities in a constant dance of creativity. The purpose of this interchange is to establish more and more avenues for the expression of that whole within which this two polarities and all their manifestations have their breath and being; The focus of this dance is simple synthesis resulting in a conscious fusion of the various parts of this whole. The whole is trancendentental in nature, i.e. manifested simultaneously on all levels of manifestation.

The whole is also imminent in nature, present in it’s one essence and undivided in its wholeness no matter what form the manifestation. The whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. Utilizing astrology as a tool of intuitive perception in to the essential nature and life purpose of the given individual. In astrology it is necessary to attune oneself in to more important factors of ancient wisdom teachings.

This will not only allow for more accurate and profound treatment of the new natal chart but will also facilitate the astrologists own life path. It is this scope of reference, plus a focus of service  - an atunement of truth and it’s teachings an orientation to the soul as well as the skills inherent in mastering certain techniques of delineation which all contribute to preparing the astrologer and student for participation in a greater life.

There are the laws and principles of the age of Aquarius being also shared ahich the ancient wisdoms which are now being revealed in more and more book and as the rate of awareness is increasing in individuals and groups and we continue to learn and grow in our individual soul journeys at each stage increase in our own sense of awareness of self and the greater pattern which is emerging.

As above so below. As without so within. The soul does not have a religion. Divinity is love in action.

Consciousness in the expression of that love. Which brings us back to the evolution of consciousness.


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Axiom Oracle Pure Education Podcast Episode 0004 by Oracle - The entanglements of the Modern Age

February 23rd, 2015

Podcast Episode 0004 by Oracle.


February 2015


The entanglements of the Modern Age


The time had come, for us to speak in the truth, yet again.


Religion is our desperate attempt to understand our world and our past.

We live in darkness surrounded by mysteries,

Where did we come from?

What is our purpose?

What will happen to us after we die?


Religion also gives us something more...

A code of conduct a blue print of right and wrong

A guide to human decency

Or so many people say…


Just like any other tool it can be misused.


But what was there before, long, long before men found solace in its many religions?

 There was still the Gift making man smart and strong, - found in the today’s perfect imperfection of genetics and its imprints.

There is a clear reflection of greatness in misery,

With every man, woman and child ever to truly beheld here on this Earth.

Even before man’s awakening,

 For some it might be the first evolutionary-Adam,

There were many tragedies yet to come

And suffering mixed with pain to follow it.


All major religions have some kind of religious creation story and myth…

But in all of them, more or less, deity always in some form or another gives his or her blood – a Gift that will save them all and keep them protected.


Through catastrophes there might be, as it was in the past, a great leap forward,

And we now are just on a brink of such a leap.

Who can make it and who will perish in the ashes of dead ends?

A genetic mutation.

A change in brain wiring.

That can yet again give humanity a survival advantage – it’s time for it to emerge again.

 With a possibility of fulfilling our true destiny.



Slaughtering beasts, slavery, murder, war the horrors are growing presently with every turn of our planet Earth.

Again and again

Seemingly with no end in sight.

This Gift in the same time continues to make humanity smart and strong and safe from extinction, in there perilous long forgotten but still somewhat remembered times…

But we paid the great price – for the first time we can again see the world as it truly is

And only then we are left with a choice to make – we can choose to see dangers all around us and the Beasts everywhere and especially in our fellow human’s

Drowning in sea of ashes, metaphorically and literally… but this is not the only choice to make there is always more…

As beasts, in the constant of our yesterday’s as well as our shared today’s,

We had lived enough in bliss, acting on our primal instincts, thinking only when we absolutely had to and even that - poorly…

Never seeing ourselves for what we truly Are.

Never truly worrying about our “mortality”, never in the true meaning of it, trying to cheat death.

But now, one again, our fears and thoughts sadly rule us – we know evil as if for the first time, repeating its captivating journey, again and again with no end.


How can we achieve Humanity Transformed?

Through struggle with our beast-minds and deriving animal instincts, passions and rages.

But no matter how much we evolve, humankind cannot escape these instincts!

It is our due heritage as “beasts”.

We can only toil and hope to control the many beast’s inside us.

Humankind now more than ever longs to understand and comprehend its new awakening mind.

We are making the same journey again, but in a different way than before.


With its fears, dreams and questions, of where we came from, and what our destiny truly is?

And most of all,

Once again,

We dream of cheating death.

We seek immortality through the building of communities as much as or sometimes even more in our commitment to horrendous atrocities – we crave immortality in our deeds as if by some magic.


Maybe that’s why,

There is a flood myth in every religion, old and young around the world?

Metaphorical of literal it’s always present in one form or another.

It’s there for a reason.

And we can see it again today in our time as crystal clear as light, pointing.

We thought we mastered the world,

We were arrogant and decadent,

 We keep ignoring the commonalities of all of the collective disasters and persist with our deadly ways…


Some say god is punishing humanity for the bloodbath of killings…

And far reaching rumour’s are continuing to spread,

 That our fellow humans are indeed the gods of Earth,

That the Earth is now our domain - to do with it what we wish.


But some maintain a difference of opinion and cling to a simple statement:

That the modern human is flawed.

We are not gods.

And that to embrace humility is to be truly human.

 That there is a higher purpose in service; and sometimes even in a sacrifice of pain;

That might wipe the slate clean, like a canvas ready to be painted on.


Stories are very powerful aren’t they?

Many stories rise out of the human psyche and can be seen as truth as long as we are capable to recognise its value.

Many stories have always existed and always will – all inside our own minds.

Especially in those of the minds of ours - who chose to dedicate themselves to finding the truth?

To understand the world of the similitudes…

To discover and keep on discovering!


Some even today think that answer may be within the human mind and understanding it though reflection and self-examination, like the point of light.

Some still can grow restless, and seek answers in the outer world.

The new hope for answers – science.

All can become tired of myths and allegories, many demand proof.

And many are finding it presently.

But there is also a high price being paid for it.


Science lacks something very important, that religion provides a moral code.

Survival of the fittest is a scientific fact but it can be as much scientific, if not more so as a reflection, only to the point, of gazing back…

But it is a cruel ethics and by and large it is the way of beasts not a civilized society.

Any clinging to a multitude of laws cannot suffice for us any longer.

There still is a deep rutted need for a shared moral code that rises from something.

As our present moral foundation recedes, deeper and deeper, into nothingness, like in a kind of never ending story, so are society’s values…


You may say, - but people do not need religion to be moral, and you will be absolutely correct here.

But those who answer in such a way are much smarter and more empathetic than the waste majority of people.

May be others will catch up to us …. Some Day!

And the world will live in Peace; without the need for allegories or moral lessons.

The true tragedy is now in the understanding-acceptance that this reality is so much far away that anyone can comprehend – can the 21 Century be the time for it?

Please try to accept, if you might, that

 I only speak here and now of the state of things in the present,

Of today, of the masses, not the minority.

There are many events yet to come and many discoveries to be made.

As if dancing with stories yet to be told and re-told.

But in all of it, always remember the point of light,

And might it guide you, always.




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Axiom Oracle Pure Education Podcast Episode 0003 by Axiom

January 27th, 2015

Axiom Oracle Pure Education Podcast Episode 0003 by Axiom


January 2015


What if there was a religion that does not presume to declare universal religious truths? The meaning of your existence would be yours to determine.

What if there is a religion able to generate respect among all of humanity by embracing our equality in the most important questions we face?

What if there is a religion that unites free thought with spirituality?

What if there was a religion that demands no blind faith in prophets or their writings?

What if there was a religion that asserts no moral authority, religious or secular?

What if there is a religion that gave you a Rite of Passage? 

What if there is a religion born of this century that would instantly unite millions of people around the world - maybe even you?

It's a religion unlike any you've ever seen before. Welcome to the future of religion. Welcome to Axiom Oracle.


God seems to have had a very soft spot for the most violent, entitled and warlike of His flock – and if meek submission was a virtue, why was it not practiced by religion?


It is time to move the world into a world of reason and peace, not faith and war. I have never successfully defined my religious beliefs, as I could find no substantial voice, no definition for them. At best, I often would say "my religion is the search for truth".

Axiom Oracle seems to have put a succinct label on my beliefs. My utter contempt for blind faith makes me feel bitter, but also pitiful, toward those who have been hammered since birth with the beliefs of their parents and their societies. To see otherwise reasonable, intelligent people clinging to ancient superstitions, despite all of the ill logic which surrounds those superstitions makes me worry for the future of our planet. No more will I quietly stand by and let the blind faith majority direct us into warfare. I wish to work to spread reason to those around me; to espouse the use of intelligence, compassion and peace, with no ties to "eternal salvation" or "eternal damnation".

Here and now, the world needs to be a better place.


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Axiom Oracle Pure Education Podcast Episode 0002 by Axiom

October 29th, 2014

Axiom Oracle Pure Education Podcast Episode 0002 by Axiom


October 2014

Axiom – Disillusionment and the Empowerment of the New Economic Age  


Axiom Oracle Pure Education Episode 0001

October 26th, 2014

Axiom Oracle Pure Education Podcast Episode 1 by Oracle:



October 2014.



In time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act.


George Orwell.




  1. Psychological abuse of indigenous British families by the present government

- introduction:

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